Winding down 2021 with a mini room warming

Wing Puah
2 min readDec 31, 2021

I lay out my glass containers and tupperware on the kitchen counter. It is not going to be the most conducive way to have dinner. The counter has only one high chair. There are a bench and a lounge chair but they can’t be seated at the counter.

There is a longer table in the stove and washing machine area. Though the cleaning equipment are kept in clear sight in that room. It could fit 3 people but I don’t think it too doesn’t provide a conducive dining experience.

The kitchen counter top it shall be then. At least, I could use the standing fan from one of the tenants’ room. She doesn’t want it in the room as it is still dusty at the edges even after washing.

“I’m just outside your door”, I receive a text on my Whatsapp message. Soon after, the other friend arrives after completing her work.

Dinner is rice with mixed peas, Quorn’s fillet fingers and braised tau kwa. A pretty wholesome meal I will say.

It’s more than a decade since I know them. Maintaining friendship has never been my strong suite. One way or another, friends slowly fall off or I start to distance myself from them as there is little point in keeping in touch.

After dinner and sake, we settled in my room. I asked them to sit on my bed since I’m going to change my bedsheet tonight. Sitting on the bed is something that I will not do if I go out and did not shower. Inviting friends over has to be a carefully choreographed timing, as with all the daily living habits.

How do I do it such that it is the most efficient way of doing things? Buying of groceries, cooking, washing, heading to the gym and daily necessities.

It’s nothing much but I starting to learn about the rate that I used up one roll of toilet paper. That 2 cups of brown rice is a good enough quantity for 3 person. That 2 cups of brown rice takes about 20 to 30 minutes to cook in my pressure cooker. That I could steal pockets of time to read.

That perhaps, life still has so much installed for me and all I have to do is to work towards it.



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