Realigning my goals

Wing Puah
3 min readFeb 18, 2023
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“Maybe, if we have too much too early on, we might become complacent,” I keep going over this statement that my friend makes this afternoon. There are multiple “what ifs”. There could have been so much more possibilities. At the same time, we all recgonised that at the age of 30, the pathway seems to narrow as our life trajectory becomes clearer andmore settled. There could definitely be a change but it entails trade-offs, as with everything in life.

Constraints and trade-offs, these are the two forces that pop up again and again within my professional and personal life. Since working, opportunity cost and probabilities have been emphasize by many others. The multitudes of life that I am experiecning now comes at the cost of giving out certain other choices.

If there is a parallel universe, maybe I could have achieved my fullest potential by now. Maybe. But what could have been my fullest potential? My friend says that there will always be questions that we asked ourselves. And the questions have evolved a lot since our twenties. Those questions might have seem frivolous now, but at that point in time, it has been essential in creating who we are today.

“I’ve been thinking about my life. More specifically what I what to achieve in my life moving forward,” I took a sip of my cappuccino.

This shop is decorated with flowers. Even the affogato is served with tiny flower petals. Maybe the owner is a romantic. Maybe the target segment are ladies who spend their time drinking tea from dandy chinaware with their loved ones. Or maybe it’s for the people who are still dreamers deep within them.

“There are only 2 main goals that I really set want to achieve nowadays. Get my own property and cycle around the world.” I paused, staring at the vase with a few stalks of roses.

It sounds like a dream of a typical youngster to want to travel around the world. Except I’m not that young anymore and that most people my age are getting attached. Some running around kids. But for most of them, to travel around the world means flying to different part of the world during a short term vacation. While for some, their job requires them to fly.

It’s set that I will be putting my career on a 1 year hiatus when I purchase my property. I cannot deny that being a software engineer is a great occupation. Though with the arrival of ChatGPT and the incoming AI war, I fear for my career. How do I continuously improve myself and create value for my company? In which area should I grow? In search for an answer, Ie even ask ChatGPT if I should be worried that ChatGPT will take over my job.

I’ll be graduating with a degree this year. Even though I have been studying and working at the same time, it is still relatively easy to manage both parts of my life. When I graduate, I wonder if I will feel a large chunk of emptiness in place of the academic duties I have to perform. I have my mind set on getting more cloud certification and CFA level 1. Not forgetting, that I have a nanodegree program on Udacity that I have to complete soon.

It seems to me that I just have to take my life one step at a time. Indeed, maybe I’m not contented. Not content with the state that I’m in. Deep work, an audio book that I have been listening to, mentions that one group of people, that will benefit from a world with fragmented attention and hyper connectivity, is the people who are at the top of the game that they choose to participate. Due to information flow, we have seen this affecting the top selling books and music.

Monthly salary is a potent drug. And my life requires more.

“I just have to do what 50% of the world population could not do and capture at least 1% of this amount. The higher barrier of entry of an action, the more it will potentially pique the interest of the public. ”

And that is exactly what I’m going to do.



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