First weekend in

I did have a better rest the night before. Perhaps my body is acclimatising to this new environment. As I’m writing this, a single ant crawls slowly up the wall in my room and one of my housemate heads to the washroom. Probably a good sleep in. But I wouldn’t know, because it doesn’t seem like a norm in this house to be socialising with your housemate.

At 7.30am, I am up. A better timing in comparison to the past few days of waking up at 5.30am naturally. The past few days have been spend gathering the needful utilities and food. Today, I’m planning to spruce up my room quite a bit.

A bicycle, that’s what I’ve been googling for almost an hour after I wake up. Cycling to and from work and MRT stations will have been a great convenience for me. Not to mention, that I could clock in quite a substantial amount of cardiovascular exercise, which I abhor. However, I am starting to jog regularly with my colleagues weekly, in hope to build up my stamina for me to scale Kota Kinabalu next year.

That’s just one of the things that are in the pipeline. The night before, I seek advice from my friends to firm up my traineeship plan. A fruitful discussion in which I could definitely bring something to the table at work on Monday.

About 9am, my stomach finally cave in to command me to search for the food. There’s a hawker center nearby that I visited the night I moved in. For a change, probably some unhealthy and oily carrot cake for breakfast. The only few food stores that are open are the drinks store and some prawn noodles.

Got to try my luck somewhere else. Off to Zhong Shan Mall then.

Having stayed in Tampines for most of my life, Balestier, to me, is a sleepy town. There is perhaps a tinge of languorous feel, something that I miss from my stay in New Zealand. It is perhaps more comparable to the more touristic location of New Zealand, like Wanaka or Queenstown.

Something in this idleness that invigorate to work harder on myself. I quickly pick up my groceries for the week. This is the third time I’m buying more groceries since moving in. And it’s the only fourth day. Right now, I’m pretty well stock up with seasoning, dried goods, vegetables and breakfast for the week.

There is quite a bit of catching up to do to make this a truly livable space. I still have got to bring over a list of items from my parents’ home. I still want to do more decorating in my space to make it not just livable, but an inspiration.

With two reusable bags hanging off my elbow and a box of cage-free eggs in hand, I take the wrong direction towards home. Seriously, both end looks pretty similar. Though now, I have kept in mind that I need to pass by Zhong Shan park from Zhong Shan mall on my way back.

On top of what I usually purchase back in my parents’ place, is the 1kg brown rice. That is one of the difference that I want to introduce to my life that is kind of challenging to do when I’m staying with my parents.

Back at the condo, I scrubbed off the sticky residue off the rice cooker. I’m not sure what this rice cooker has gone through to have it’s exterior in this state. It feels like someone has made glutinous rice with the consistency in between rice and porridge and somehow it has exploded and coat the steam vent and the exterior of the rice cooker. It must have been a good 15 minutes for me to clean the rice cooker.

Today, I’m still going to catch up on putting my new life in order. Buying a bicycle, fetching the list of items from my parents’ home, hitting the gym and planning for my next phase of life.



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