End of year thoughts

Wing Puah
3 min readDec 26, 2021
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2020 has been chaotic, with COVID-19, a new USA president, impeachment of Donald Trump and Australis bushfire. Just to name a few. 2021, many of use are living in the shadows of COVID-19, albeit with more adaptation to the pandemic. We are heading to endemic, or so they say.

2021, this is the year for me in which there are a few minor but not insignificant changes in my life. For starter, I finally decide to move out and focus on putting my life in the way I envision.

Here are the list of changes that I make:

  • Jumped into a traineeship, in hope of getting mentorship and working towards a full stack. Ultimately, to move up the value chain as someone in tech.
  • Entered the second year of school.
  • Persisted with my YouTube channel for a while, only to decide to take a hiatus near the end of the year.
  • Move out as mention before.

Sometimes, I feel the improvements that one could effectively employ within a year seems so miniscule. Yet, if I were to look back the past decade, I did grow as a person professionally, emotionally and mentally.

Yet, there is nothing too crazy that I could recount for the year of 2021 in my life. Instead, frustration has been building up in different aspects of life. I wonder if the root cause of it is that I still hold an idealistic image of life, career and the world?

On career

Moving from a full time professional frontend developer to a trainee hasn’t been the most smooth sailing. There are certain prejudices and biases that come attached with previous work experience. These biases relate more towards code quality and technical output. Before jumping into the traineeship, I have set goals that I want to achieve in my career development.

6 months into the traineeship, splitting my time in between courses and work, I feel like I’m pretty much doing similar things as I am doing back in my previous role. Albeit, with a less than desirable role, a trainee, which means influential power could be a uphill battle.

Back in my previous job, I’m treated as an equal and my opinion matters. The irony is that I am much less experienced than I am as a trainee. Still, I never regret my decision. It still make sense for me as a necessary step that I need to take to measure myself against the market.

My next move, is to push things forward, whatever that may mean. Also, one thing that I figure and has been putting off for a long time will be to practice more coding challenge and study harder to become a better and more well-rounded developer.

On life

This is the second week for me staying out of my parents’ home. Things have more or less fallen into a routine of food prep, upskilling, working, going to the gym and trading.

I have also discovered places that I can get my daily necessities, routes to the places I frequent. I am also slowly stocking up on things that could improve my quality of life. Perhaps, some even superfluous things, like nicer bottles for soap and shampoo, diffuser reed and beautiful kitchen organiser. Though, I could argue that these will be the items that I intend to move when I get my own place.

There are still some blank spaces that I want to work on at my new place. I wanted this place to feel less like a rented place, but more of a conducive and creative space.

Regarding the less tangible, my headspace and time, I’m still planning to optimise them and find a system that I could work well with. Trading is a piece of the puzzle that I can’t wait to connect the threads of clue.

All in all, my life currently begin as a blank canvas that I can’t wait to create magical moment in it.



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