Day 2: Finding my way out

I met one of my housemates yesterday night in the kitchen. I attempt to make some small talk with her. What’s her name again, I can’t quite catch it. A petite lady from Philippines who has been in Singapore for 3 years. My attempt to make a conversation is quite futile as she seems to just want to walk away. Or maybe she is sensing a natural death of the conversation and wants to escape it before things get too awkward.

I’m not exactly feeling that refresh this morning, I guess I just have to depend on the Nespresso in my office. I still want to bring my coffee machine over. Though first, I need to setup my screen in my new place with some other necessities. It is probably gonna take me a few more round trips before I could have my room fully equipped. My clothes are just a pile of mess on the floor and the barebone chair and table is not exactly conducive for working on my laptop for extended period of time right now.

It feels more to a dormitory at this moment. It is definitely functional but that’s about it. I shifted my table to be flushed against the wall beside the bed. Perhaps, I could have some decorative element up there. A cork board of idea might be nice as comparison to the make shift JIRA-like board with my post-it note on the other side of the wall.

If I were to invite my friends in, they probably will have no place to sit. There is only one high chair and a sofa like chair on the common area. Though there are quite a bit of ample space on the floor. This place after all, is optimised to house people, with the living room partitioned off such that it hits the maximum number of renters allowed.

In comparison to the other morning which I need to head off for work, I feel more relaxed as it takes a mere twenty minutes to reach my workplace now. If I were to get a bike, that will definitely be a nice ride to and from work. Which honestly will be something I don’t mind doing to clock in some exercise.

Breakfast, milk and cereal. I’ve gotten those from the FairPrice Finest which my friend showed me the night before. He orientates me around the place and show me bits of rope of adulting. Grocery shopping is really kind of fun, this should be a thing that friends do together more often.

There is still so much time left that I could slot in reading time. The Complete Guide to The Future Market by Jack Schwager. This is one thing that I tell myself when I move out, moving out should be paid for by itself.

I share with my colleague, that one of my plans for moving out is so that I could focus and create a system for trading. But I first need to figure out the mathematics behind this puzzle.

After work, my colleagues and I did our newly habit of running every week around Boat Quay. We arrive back to office at 6.45pm, which is suppose to be the time that I’m meeting another of my friend for dinner. The end of my night was 8.30pm. And I arrive back home at 9.30pm.

Tonight I met another of my house mate.

“ Hello”.

“ Hello,” she replied softly.

She looks tired, perhaps a long day at work and potentially not finding any human interaction welcoming. I slip into my room to take my stuff for a shower.

Still feeling fresh. I’m pretty sure, the three cups of coffee in the office didn’t make me feel so fresh. Traveling in trains seem to be sapping my energy away. It doesn’t help that the traveling time from office to my parents’ home is one hour. Most of the nights that I reach home, I feel flat. Though not flat enough to bring me away from the market.

Tonight, I’ll be spending the night studying. Onwards. :)



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