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Against all odds: How I rebrand myself from a zoo show presenter to a fitness instructor to a technologist

In the early twenties, it is not unusual to be filled with grit, dreams and even feelings of invincibility. In the early twenties, it is not difficult to just pack the bags and follow the whims of the heart. In the early twenties, it is almost inspirational and invigorating to wear the label of being entrepreneurial.

Altering my perspective

The ultimatum odd: No degree

My First Apprenticeship: Singapore Zoo

Odd #1: Growing up, I am a very shy kid who barely speaks to anyone. And I often bottom the class for English.

Building my social intelligence: Yoga teacher & fitness trainer

Odd #2: Although I have always been active, I have never attended any structured fitness classes. What initially inspired me to pursue my certification is the fact that I’m contemplating between taking up the path to be a dive master or a yoga teacher. I choose the latter.

Awakening the dimensional mind: Entering technology industry

Odd #3: When I first start to freelance, I have no degree and no certification. I am just curious and tinker on codes, command line and the different visual effects on the website.

Frontend dev. I like my coffee with milk. Obsessed with the construct and potential of human. The Geek at

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