A week in my Balestier home

Wing Puah
2 min readDec 23, 2021

Having moved my 31 inch computer screen, today is the first day that I finally manage to work from home. My new home that is. In the first few days, I am trying to figure out the directions and the schedule of my housemates. Currently, there are only 4 of us, out of 6 and there isn’t any issue in using the 2 common toilets and 1 kitchen area.

Each of us seem to have schedule that has minimal overlapping. Though, years of cooking at my parents’ home have prepared me well for whipping up a quick meal and mentally doing my meal plan for the next few days. It is almost second nature to me. The fresh produce that I have purchased, lasted me exactly for a week. Just about the right time for me to make a trip down to the supermarket on Sunday when I’ll be coming back home from Tampines.

Somehow, with the aircon on, I could focus better than my Tampines home. I always have this idea in my head that there is an optimal temperature that I could work in. And staying in Tampines, with only a fan, subjects my level of focus to the whims of the weather. Still my aircon is set to 29 degree Celsius, probably just a few degree of difference from the weather.

I end my work at 6.45pm, quickly prepare a bowl of noodle. Tonight, I’m going to explore my area on foot. The directions around my place are pretty straightforward. To Novena, Boon Keng or Boat Quay, the roads are fairly flat and uni-directional.

I walk towards the direction of Zhong Shan park, making mental notes of the eateries that I could bring my mum and aunt to. And then towards the Whampoa area. I am delighted to see a NTUC, albeit a pretty run down. Being in Tampines, the NTUC are new, the shopping are well maintained.

Balestier, this seems like a place with an interesting hodgepodge of modern and heritage. Skyscrapers peek through the low-lying shophouses. Newly erected, state of the art condos appear among the older, simplistic condos. Hotels in this area varied in age as well.

There is the Whampoa market, which will probably be a good area to stock up on my weekly fresh produce. Balestier market that sits right across my place is mainly a lunch and dinner kind of hawker.

Today, at night, I’m not sure if I’m imagining things but it seems like my skin complexion got even better. All the vegetables, fruits, light eating at night and earlier sleeping hours seem to help. More mind space and less travelling stress probably help as well.



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