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5 life lessons from The Sims 4

Due to COVID’19, the current economy is in chaos and the world is in mired in uncertainty. Enough with stating the obvious. Recently, perhaps, due to the need for escapism in my life and my love for getting discounted items, I purchase The Sims 4.

Ever since then, I have been on and off playing sprint when I’m done with my work. The base game gets flat after a while if you play in a proper manner. So cue the family drama.

Cheating wife because cheating husbands are so mainstream right? Getting siblings to impregnate the same women and killing your sibling’s dates and trying to impregnate every fertile woman, single or not.

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Why not, since there is no child support and crazy girlfriend module in The Sims?

5. It is very difficult, if not impossible, to become rich just with income alone.

Yup, stating the obvious again. After a while, I manage to max out the number of Simoleons (Sim currency) without using any cheats. What I did is to get the adults to explore various semi-passive or passive income method, like writing a book, gardening and so on. Even the retirees are earning good money just by painting at home. It helps that it is very easy in Sims to build up those passive income streams. Leverage is the word here.

4. Caring for a baby is difficult. But managing a toddler is insane.

Having 2 toddlers concurrently is enough to tense up a Sims household. Even when the Sims household is filled with 5 adults. Some of the Sims — dad included — are not proficient caretakers. They will constantly be clueless as to toddler care. The toddlers require attention at different period of time and feel sad all the time. It is the part of the game which I frenzied out the most.

3. Relationships are hard. And having a baby is not going to solve your relationship issues.

In your mind, you might be going, “Duh. Isn’t that obvious? ”It seems like it still happens to a handful of people in real life. Perhaps, more than what the number of occurrences in our mind.

I’m not sure if it is my personality trait of being not a relationship focus person but maintaining friendships and relationships feel like a chore. I could never get a Sim to maintain the friendship/relationship status bar unless they do it out of their own accord. After a while, the friendship/relationship status bar women who gave birth to my Sims kids are usually empty. Having kids didn’t help to salvage the relationship.

2. Working on skills that you find fun is going to take less time but not all skills are created equal.

The dreaded opportunity cost and purpose in life. But at the same time, it is also what makes the game interesting. Do you want your Sim to have a job they love and earn less? Or do you want your Sim work in a position that pays well but will quickly sap your Sim of their energy and fun level?

Of course, you might think that this is threading close to a false dilemma fallacy. Because you can always create a Sim that has traits that enables them to earn the most amount of money while finding fun in that.

Unfortunately, life doesn’t work that well. But at least, our brain and traits in real life are still very much malleable. In which, we could probably approach a particular behaviour that will suit our learning style.

1. It’s kind of fun to see the world running around with your kids when you don’t have to take care of them.

In the game, I first played as a female, who responsibly take care of 2 children into adulthood and adopted a child. I dread it. Having to take care of the children is nasty. My maternity side probably switches on to ensure that I don’t abandon the babies or put them up for adoption.

After which, I played as the 3 sons from the family. Not going to lie, it is fun to see the broad stretch of genealogy, which each male Sim fathering at least 10 kids. That is probably my masculine primal biological side exploding in the game.

I guess if I were an ancient male homo sapien, who does not need to provide child support, I will probably try to inject my genetics into as many ovaries as possible.

But I’m not. So kids, it’s fun knowing you guys, as long as you are not my own.


So that’s what I learn playing the Sims. I’m kinda bored with the gameplay. But I’ll probably still use the game to build a small house in anticipation of the 2 room flat that I’m working to own. It’s a cost-effective way to experiment with different styles. I might even do some streaming with that. All in all, good fun!

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